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I’ve always had a thing for containers.

Flowers in Bottles McCoy

Jars. Pots. Vases. Bowls.

As a little girl my great grandmother, my Momo, used to send me to the tub with empty butter containers, spice jars, cups and spoons, and I’d happily sit, filling, swirling, stirring, pouring until I was well and truly pruned and the water was frigid.

I don’t know what it is about putting stuff in containers, but I haven’t grown out of it, and I don’t intend to.

McCoy Red McCoy Blue McCoy Yellow McCoy Green

(*these collections of containers are available in my shop as prints individually here: turquoise, jade, poppy, and sunflower, or as a set of four, here. )


There is a little drawing on my wall, and a dusty container of lye in my garage, and both are telling me it’s been far too long since we’ve made soap.

Spring is coming, friends.

It’s time for the hippy in me to make a flower crown and get her soap on, yo.

It’s time for some calendula and honey, some basil and lemon, some goggles and rubber gloves.

Oh yes it is.

making soapcutting soap  carefully cutting soapapothecary in progressbreakfast and the apothecary

apothecary 2

“Apothecary” – an original illustration, available as a print in my Etsy shop