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There’s just something about fresh flowers in the house, isn’t there?

Every now and again, I tell myself that I should do that more – pick a few along my walk, buy a bunch at the grocery store.

Because really, what day isn’t made better with flowers?


daisies and coneflowers

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not real thrilled about the end of winter.

I love winter I do, with all it’s cozy, sitting by the fire, baking, layers of blankets gloriousness.

And yes, I do love spring too. Open windows, bare feet, pie and fiddle music.

It’s just that here, spring lasts about two days before it’s hotter than seven kinds of hell for way too dang long.


Here it comes.

roses and lavendar

I think I’ll buy some flowers today. I think I’ll draw some flowers today. I think I’ll make spring last just as long as I can.

Because really, what season isn’t made better by flowers?

Kitchen Window

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Hello Postcard


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